What is this feeling…………?

Woah I miss home.

And by home I mean Chapel Hill. It’s a very rare experience for me, one who feels pretty damn nomadic and never wants to put down her bags and make a place feel like home. I miss Elmo’s on Sundays, and Buns on Fridays, and Yopo everyday. I miss Linda’s cheesefries, and chicken biscuit combos, and okay I’ll stop mentioning all the food I’d rather be eating.

I miss the friends I made staying up all night just trying to understand how it is you could know the preconceived, surface version of someone for so long without knowing who they truly are. In those moments of “wow, I’m not the only one who’s scared, and indecisive, and doubts and analyzes everything,” you realize that sometimes studying for your French quiz shouldn’t be the priority over this conversation you’re having in a group study room.

I miss the magic moments when all of your favorite people end up in The Pit at once. You stay and skip your math class because you know that it could be weeks before this happens again and you need to bask in it while it’s happening because of YOLO and that one Tom Petty quote that your friends recite to you when you don’t want to go out.

I miss laying in bed until the afternoon and forcing yourself out of bed to have a legendary Merritt’s BLT for the first time, which is obviously worth it because bacon.

I miss “we’re leaving the pre-game to go out at 11:30 tonight” which turns into midnight, which turns into 12:30.

I miss being inspiring daily by the incredible things the people are doing around me – receiving ridiculously well-deserved awards and fellowships, running organizations, and being catalysts for change. Thank you for unknowingly pushing me to stay focused and involved when I could have been napping. Wait, shit I could’ve been napping…nevermind, I take it back.

I miss singing the alma mater and screaming everyone’s favorite part, “Hail to brightest star of all!” LOL Jk I mean GO TO HELL DOOK. 

I miss mornings spent reading TheSkimm and napping in Graham Memorial only to be woken up by Jerome Allen’s sweet sweet face.

I miss 4 hour rehearsals followed by Late Night at Rams because nothing makes you want to be a first-year trekking to your pre-med 8 a.m. from South Campus again like weird eggs from a bag and semi-cooked bacon. (AND CORNFLAKES THAT THEY TRY TO PASS OFF AS FROSTED FLAKES – I C U CAROLINA DINING SERVICES.) This one sounds sarcastic..but I really do miss it.

I miss long nights in the UL and Carroll, and pretending to study in Davis.

I miss performing, performances, and realizing how damn talented your friends are.

I miss people who know that LDOC meanings raging, P2P meanings cringing, and R&R is a place that everyone used to go on Thursdays but for some reason that doesn’t happen anymore.

I even kinda miss country night……….

I miss the moments that seem trivial but that somehow add up to love.

I miss Chapel Hill.

Even as I’m sitting in KC Peaches stuffing this beautiful Instagram-worthy sandwich into my mouth to a soundtrack of Michel Bublé, Norah Jones, and people with fantastic accents, I know that Dublin is my mistress, but Chapel Hill is my wife.

Sorry, I just have a lot of feelings. 



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